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Commercial vinyl flooring tiles have undergone a revolution! Today’s premium tile manufacturers offer products that are extremely durable, safe, and beautiful. Vinyl has always been popular for commercial use due to its cost-effectiveness. But with the introduction of amazing design options as well as advances in safety, vinyl tiles are the best choice for virtually every project.

High-resolution, full-colour printing allows any design to be reproduced on vinyl tiles with exquisite colour and fine detail. Tiles can now resemble wood or other natural materials, such as stone, metal, or cork. Artwork can be beautifully replicated, as can text, logos, or other custom designs. And tiles are available in a large selection of shapes, patterns, and colours.

Premium tiles also feature improved slip resistance, with better products exceeding international standards. Some tile manufacturers also offer products with recycled content and green features or specialty anti-microbial tiles for healthcare settings.

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In the 21st century, many familiar products are benefitting from new technologies. Vinyl tile is well known as a safe, attractive, and durable flooring option, but advances in printing techniques have brought a whole new dimension to the design possibilities of the product.


With high-resolution full-colour printing, vinyl tiles can now mimic the appearance of woodgrain very realistically. Other natural materials, such as bamboo, cork, stone, and metal can also be replicated easily. The hottest trend at indoor design shows is currently the vinyl plank tile, which not only resembles oak, pine, ash, maple, walnut, or other types of wood, but can also come with a textured surface reflecting the grain of wood.


High-resolution printing also allows premium manufacturers to create high-quality murals that reproduce works of art, nature scenes, or custom designs. Repeating patterns, company logos, and text are also popular options. Some companies are producing fun, contemporary designs inspired by pop art. And, of course, commercial vinyl flooring tiles are available in a huge array of colours and patterns, ensuring that you have a range of options to suit any project.

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